Hi, I’m Alexandra

What started as a hobby to capture my 3 children as they grow + change became a career for me over 6 years ago. In 2018, I opened a studio space in Qualicum Beach where I have been welcoming clients ever since.

When I’m not in the studio I am usually out walking in nature with my dog, photographing my kids or watching really terrible reality television while I edit.

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When I am in the studio, my first + strongest belief is safety above everything else. I have studied in person under world renowned industry leaders + continue to educate myself with both safety courses + mentorships.

My second belief is that our lives and the images that come from them are important and they have lasting power when they are tangible. They have the ability to make us feel, to make us remember.

In the digital age we tend to share our images once online, put them on a hard drive and completely forget about them. As time passes, hard drives can be replaced, corrupt or become obsolete. Our shared online images are compressed and the quality we are left with isn’t the best for printing.

Having a physical album to turn back the pages of your memories or matted prints displayed on your shelf allow your memories to be preserved. That is why I offer a complete and full service- from booking your session to designing and printing your family’s images- I am with you through the entire process.

Here is where you can find me and where I find all my inspiration!