2 Day Workshop with Kelly Brown RECAP!

This past weekend I had the absolute honour of taking a 2 day newborn posing workshop with Kelly Brown.

I knew it was going to be an incredible opportunity for my business and I was not mistaken. I left the workshop feeling confident and excited to return to Vancouver Island and my little studio and get busy.

What I didn’t expect to leave with was a renewed sense of self and a deeper appreciation for my family.

On day 2 Kelly spoke about how important family photography is. How valuable it is to capture a family as they are, to remember this time in their lives as they grow, change, evolve. She also touched on how important it is to have those memories printed. Having a tangible way to hold on to the memories we have is an incredibly service to provide to families and therefore I decided to start offering prints + albums in my packages.

After thinking deeply about other families I really started missing mine. Since coming home I have remembered to hug a little longer, love a little harder and I rearranged my shelves to make room for pictures I am taking of the kids and our family in the studio now that my gorgeous new flokati has arrived from Drops + Props Canada.

Here is a few BTS and edited images from my weekend workshop.

If you are curious about Kelly Brown’s workshops you can see where and when they’re happening Here.

If you’re ready to book your newborn session you can click through to my booking page!


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