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Qualicum Beach, Parksville, Nanaimo Newborn Photography | Carter

Recently we photographed this amazing family for their maternity session and we then had the pleasure of welcoming them back for their newborn. Having return clients is amazing because we get to watch their family grow and change. Documenting a baby joining a family is such an incredible feeling and a huge honour.

Hi sisters could not be more delighted to have a baby brother. You know that, love-you-so-hard-have-to-squish-squeeze-or-pinch-you feeling that usually only a newborn can illicit? Well Carter is giving those vibes to his sisters on a regular basis. And for good reason, he is a pretty adorable little delight.

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We love parent poses because its a great way to show how positively itty bitty babies start out. One day, not long from today, Carter will be the same size as his sisters and he won’t be as easy to snuggle on his Dad’s chest or nestle in his Mom’s arms. He will go from being a tiny little babe who fits in baskets and bowls to a full on walking and talking little boy!

Recently we installed a “wall of light” in the studio. It’s basically a floor to ceiling row of lights that mimic window light. We gave it a try with Carter and love how it turned out. The wall of light is going to be amazing for maternity clients and milestone sessions, too.

We are so fortunate to have the opportunity to document a year in this family’s lives as they booked our Bump to Baby 1st Year Package.

With a Bump to Baby package you choose 3 sessions to cover an entire year of family growth! You choose from maternity, newborn, milestone and cake smash!

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We can’t wait to see what Carter is like as he grows! One thing is for sure, he will be very well loved!

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