Magic Hour Maternity Session

I had the honour of photographing this expectant mother just a few days before her due date. We grabbed a few gowns and set out to find the perfect spot on our Vancouver Island beaches to get creative.
The tide was out and the beaches were almost completely empty so it wasn’t hard to find.

Pregnant woman in red dress on beach just before sunset walking towards horizon.

We almost immediately got in the water. I literally cannot help myself when I have beach sessions. Luckily this mama is the adventuring type and didn’t mind the wet sand or tide pools.

Expectant mother in mustard maternity gown on the beach on Vancouver Island with mountains and beach in background.

We stayed until the sun started sinking and then she went home to her beautiful family of three to await them becoming a family of 4.

Golden Hour Maternity Beach Session on Van Isle

I know when I was this close to meeting my babies I didn’t look nearly as glamorous. I’m always so blown away with how amazing my clients are and she was no exception.

Vancouver Island Maternity Beach session in tide pools. Pregnant mother is laughing and wading into tide pools with client closet golden gown

2 Day Workshop with Kelly Brown RECAP!

This past weekend I had the absolute honour of taking a 2 day newborn posing workshop with Kelly Brown.

I knew it was going to be an incredible opportunity for my business and I was not mistaken. I left the workshop feeling confident and excited to return to Vancouver Island and my little studio and get busy.

What I didn’t expect to leave with was a renewed sense of self and a deeper appreciation for my family.

On day 2 Kelly spoke about how important family photography is. How valuable it is to capture a family as they are, to remember this time in their lives as they grow, change, evolve. She also touched on how important it is to have those memories printed. Having a tangible way to hold on to the memories we have is an incredibly service to provide to families and therefore I decided to start offering prints + albums in my packages.

After thinking deeply about other families I really started missing mine. Since coming home I have remembered to hug a little longer, love a little harder and I rearranged my shelves to make room for pictures I am taking of the kids and our family in the studio now that my gorgeous new flokati has arrived from Drops + Props Canada.

Here is a few BTS and edited images from my weekend workshop.

If you are curious about Kelly Brown’s workshops you can see where and when they’re happening Here.

If you’re ready to book your newborn session you can click through to my booking page!

Glamorous Studio Session

A few weeks back I had the honour of photographing a beautiful family awaiting the arrival of their first baby.


She showed up with one of her own gowns and it blew me away. It wasn’t an actual maternity gown, it was a gown she wore for her rehearsal dinner a few years prior.

So um… two things, its gorgeous and WHAT?! I didn’t fit anything even 5 months into my first pregnancy that I wore before I was pregnant!  I found her gown so inspiring and we got to work creating images to showcase it.

We used every inch of available space in my tiny little studio and it was such  fun session.

I cant wait for them to welcome their baby home. Its gonna be soooooo cute!!!







Maternity Studio Session

I’ve been so busy this summer with that whole work-life balance thing that I haven’t blogged in a little while. I have so many edited sessions piling up in my TO BLOG file on my desktop. Slowly but surely! This session was so fun! I had a beautiful couple come in to my Qualicum Beach based studio expecting their first baby who should be coming earth side very soon. The mom was a natural even though she expressed she didn’t love being in front of the camera. (I hope I was able to help her change her mind!)

But the camera obviously loves her! Look at this beauty!!! And her partner was so supportive and up for anything I had him change his shirt a bunch of times! I am so lucky. 

That couples shot may look serious but we had so many laughs. It is so much fun capturing the moments leading up to a family of two becoming a family of three! 

This gown was basically made for this mama. I love these simple studio images that show how connected a pregnant woman can be to her baby. I cant wait to meet their little one soon!

Closet Maternity Newness

I added a few new pieces to the maternity closet! They arrived at the studio in the cutest little netted bags. So cute, in fact that I had to grab my camera and document the unboxing of them!

It just felt fancy enough to need a wooden floor and fur layer… There are 3 new pieces and I had two consults today so I’ve seen them on and they’re gorgeous.

I just love how this chiffon and lace gown flows!

Love these tones and textures and ready to book your consult today?! You can email me, call 250-240-2727 or click the BOOK ONLINE link on the main page!

I also have new newborn goodies in but I’ll save those for when they’re all wrapped up in baby goodness.  With all these “May-Ternity” bookings we are due to see some newborns very soon!

Baby F

I met this beautiful little family when they were just three. Well, when they were 3.5… They called for a Maternity Session and I just fell in love with how sweet they all were. Before I could get their images prepared from their Maternity Session they welcomed their daughter into the world. They decided a Lifestyle Newborn Session was the best fit for them and we were able to squeeze a very quick session (in the door and back out in 55 minutes!) into their new busy schedule as a family of 4.   As a backdrop for their newborn images they selected this beautiful room with light spilling in. Oh Happy Day!

Someone was excited to obtain Big Brother status!

I just loved how this beautiful mom stole away quiet moments with her newborn daughter and all the calm and grace she carried with her into this new challenge in motherhood.


I have so many maternity sessions coming up and new dresses that I can’t wait to photograph. I am sure I’ll be blogging about them all because the the pregnant form is already so gorgeous but add these dresses!? I cannot wait!!!