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What I Learned at “Back To School” Sessions

The Power of Authentic Client Relationships

The Back to School sessions are a lot of work, but they are some of my favourite sessions. I see the families in our community over and over, year after year. I see them grow and their interests change (or stay the same!). I get to know a snippet of each of them. This year I had many returning clients and I had the opportunity to see how beneficial the longevity of those trusted client relationships are to the finished product. When I photograph newborns and see them again a year later they have grown so much, but they don’t remember me so I have to establish a relationship with them at the cake smash. Back to School sessions are so much fun because I get to reconnect with these amazing kids!

I had new clients this year and so many returning clients and I asked some of my clients to do some whacky stuff this year. No one even batted an eye or hesitated. My clients showed up as their authentic selves and trusted in my vision to produce images that will become their keepsakes.

Collaboration is Key

It isn’t just a photographer clicking a button just like it isn’t a client sitting in a statuesque position. These kids moved around for me and listened to direction so well! We both worked towards a common goal to produce the best images. Kids are spectacular at being themselves! Back to School clients felt excited to be photographed, try new poses, and be authentic in their interactions with me which allowed me to deliver such beautiful, refined portraits.

The Ripple Effect

I feel really connected with the work I am producing and I love creating snapshots of client’s lives that they are so enthusiastic about they share with their friends and family. The more client’s I work with the more ideas I gain for next year’s sessions. Thank you so much Time+Tide clients for all your referrals, they have been coming in steadily and I am beyond grateful. I am doing something that makes my heart sing and I have amazing client’s that trust me- this truly is a dream job.

Creativity + Growth

The thing that makes Back to School sessions interesting is I am delivering the same end product every year but, much like the kids who come and see me for these sessions, I am constantly growing and changing. I want to deliver something that shows growth in my ability to deliver an amazing service and an amazing outcome so I have to push myself to think of innovative ways to show up for my clients each year, too! Pushing something I do every year in a slightly new direction each time helps me become more creative with both posing and lighting.

The Future of Back to School Sessions

Next year I am absolutely going to book farther from school so I have time to photograph everyone who tried to book a space. August is always such a busy month with sunset images in the evenings and our regular scheduled newborns in the mornings. Next year we will put on a third day and start mid-August. Those sessions will be announced when they come available or you can add yourself to our VIP mailing list to get exclusive pre-release dates


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