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Qualicum, Parksville Nanaimo Cake Smash Session| Zoey

I just started my 5th year of business in the oceanside area on Vancouver Island! I am incredibly grateful for all my clients and all the experiences the last 5 years has brought me.

When I started working more in the studio I really did not even consider doing cake smashes. I really wanted to focus on newborns and maternity. It seems an obvious fit to add cake smashes into that but I really didn’t think about the possibility

I kept getting inquiries for cake smashes and I wanted to be in the studio more so I started taking them. I was beyond surprised when I discovered I really like cake smash sessions. The best part is watching an almost one year old become themselves in front of a camera.

When work returned during the pandemic, I started working masked and I was so concerned that babies wouldn’t feel a connection with me. I think that realizing I wanted to work with and connect with them again made me realize my interest OFFERING cake smashes.

Zoey is one of those 1 year old cake smashers who need very little time to show her personality. (And I’m still wearing a mask so it makes me so happy that I can connect with my little clients enough for me to really photograph them.)

I love starting with portraits for cake smashes. It’s such an awesome way to show these kiddos all decked out in their party gear. My client closet is slowly growing to include cake smash outfits to coordinate with simple themes. For Zoey’s smash her mum brought in a special outfit.

Zoey had no shortage of expressions to share with me. Although she wasn’t too sure of the idea of smashing at first she quickly warmed up and even got into the demolishing the cake!

I send a prep guide out to parents before they come in that helps prepare parents and cake smashers alike. Some smashers need extra time and attention to get into smashing and the prep guide goes over what to expect as well as how to get the most from your session. I am finding this resource to make my smashes even more successful for my clients!

Once they actually get cake in their mouth and not just on their hands and faces, it’s downhill from there!

Even her toes are involved in this smash! How cute is that?!

If you’re ready to book your cake smash session head over to my BOOKING PAGE or inquire for more information on my CONTACT PAGE.

I look forward to creating images of your little ones as they celebrate their first spin around the sun.


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