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Nanaimo, Parksville + Qualicum Beach Newborn Session, P+M Twins

We had the pleasure of welcoming these adorable little beans in the studio recently. They were absolute dream babies! Their parents followed our prep guide perfectly and it helped make their session run super smooth!

They slept like champs and we were able to move through some prop posing and images together and separately.

Mom requested pink and purple for little M and green and blue for little P. When clients book in advance we can make sure to have their requests on hand. That is one of the many reasons you want to make sure you book ahead of time, aside from spaces filling quickly!

Working with twins is so exciting. Its amazing to see them interact even in their sleep, leaning toward each other and feeling for each other.

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Big Yawn from working so hard at their first photoshoot.

If you’re ready to book your newborn session we have very limited space available for 2021 and are booking into 2022. Please contact us soon to ensure you get images of your little ones while there is still space.


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